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Creativity Coach
Certificate & Diploma

Creativity Coach Certificate & Diploma

Self-Paced Program

Eric Maisel, Ph.D. and Noble-Manhattan Coaching

What is Creativity Coaching?

Creativity coaching is similar to life coaching, but it focuses on the challenges faced by creatives in all art disciplines, such as overcoming creative blocks, getting creative work done, and navigating the art marketplaces. Creativity coaches have helped thousands of artists, writers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and other creative souls achieve their goals and realize their dreams. This form of coaching is integral to those seeking guidance in their creative endeavors and is central to the offerings of any creative coaching academy.

Creativity Coaching Explained

Watch a short 16 minute video- where Eric fully explains the Course, Content, Learning Outcome, Background, Business Opportunity and size of the Marketplace.

About The Program

Created by Dr. Eric Maisel, the world’s leading creativity coach, the Creativity Coach Certificate and Diploma Self-Paced Program is designed to train you to become an independent creativity coach. This program connects you to the world-class resources of Noble-Manhattan Coaching and provides you with a recognized and respected certificate or diploma upon completion. This serves as proof that you have successfully completed a rigorous, experiential course of study and reflection, setting you on the path to becoming a certified creativity coach or a creative business coach.

Who Is This For?

The program prepares you to work with:

  • Creative and performing artists (writers, visual artists, filmmakers, musicians, craftspeople, etc.)
  • Creators in every discipline (academics, computer engineers, game creators, etc.)
  • Individuals wanting to unlock their creativity and become highly creative
  • Businesses and organizations looking to become more creative
  • Anyone with a desire to live a more creative life


If you wish to use this knowledge and qualification to work with clients then it is important that you have done some form of Coach Training.

If however you wish to increase your own creativity it is not necessary for you to have done coach training.

a 52-week-program

Program Structure & Requirement

Throughout this online program, you work at your own pace. The program is designed as a 52-week-program.

Program assets include 52 weeks of lessons (5 lessons a week, 260 lessons in total), 20 prerecorded webinars of 60-90-minutes conducted by Dr. Maisel, the Noble Manhattan Coaching study buddy system, and more.

In addition to the lessons and webinars, your text for the program is Dr. Maisel’s groundbreaking The Coach’s Way (New World Library, April, 2023), which provides you with a complete guide to mastering the coaching sessions.

Creativity Coach Certificate



Creativity Coach Diploma



Dr. Eric Maisel, Ph.D.

Creativity Coach

About the Trainer

Dr. Eric Maisel is the author of more than 50 books. His interests include creativity, the creative life, and the profession of creativity coaching, which he founded; issues of life purpose and meaning; mental health and critical psychology (also known as critical psychiatry and anti-psychiatry); and parenting in a “mental disorder” age.

Dr. Maisel has worked with creative and performing artists for over thirty years, first as a therapist and for the past 25 years as a creativity coach.

During that time, he has written more than twenty books on the creative personality and the creative life, among them The Van Gogh Blues, about creativity and depression, Fearless
Creating, about the place of anxiety in the creative process, Creative Recovery, about creativity and addiction, and Creativity for Life, a comprehensive look at the challenges that artists face.

About Noble Manhattan

Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd was established in 1993 by Mr. Gerard O’Donovan Founder and CEO, who has a Masters in Psychology and is a world-renowned Trainer and Coach.

The company has grown to become one of the largest and most successful Coaching Training organisations in the World, operating in 31 countries. Noble Manhattan Coaching stands for excellence. It is a multi-award winning organisation with a well-earned reputation for delivering the highest quality coaching courses and for creating superb coaches. What is unique about Noble Manhattan is that it is a global organisation with a heart.

Students are truly welcomed into the Noble Manhattan ‘family’ and not only receive the very best in training from highly qualified and experienced trainers and mentors, they receive ongoing help and support after they have trained.

Achieving and maintaining high standards is paramount and every NMC coaching course is accredited or recognised by some of the leading accreditation bodies:

Noble Manhattan Coaching offers a wide range of courses from Coaching Foundation, Certificate and Diploma courses, Executive and Corporate Coaching courses that are equivalent of an MBA; Certificate in Workplace Coaching, specifically designed for in-house coach training and Child and Adolescent Coach training.


We have included some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below that may address your queries and provide you with further information about the programme.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We are always happy to assist and provide support.

A: This program is tailored for individuals seeking a revenue stream or an income that aligns with their passion. It is particularly suitable for therapists aiming to expand their professional repertoire, creative and performing artists looking to increase their income while pursuing fulfilling work, coaches desiring a niche with ample opportunities, and anyone embarking on the exciting journey of coaching.

Moreover, if you identify as a creative in any field, be it writing, visual arts, invention, game creation, app development, or music, this program will equip you with invaluable knowledge to overcome creative and life challenges. By participating, you can expect a significant increase in your creative output and productivity. Therefore, this program welcomes creatives of all disciplines.

A: Our program is designed to be self-paced, allowing you to tailor your progress to your individual needs and commitments. You have the freedom to move through the program at your desired pace, and you will be granted eighteen months to successfully complete the entire program.

A: Congratulations on your certification by the CCA! Even if you have already obtained this certification, we believe that there is still significant value in undertaking our new program. By enrolling, you will gain fresh insights, establish connections with Noble Manhattan’s comprehensive resources, and receive a distinguished world-class certificate or diploma. We highly recommend considering this opportunity as a valuable addition to your credentials.

A: If you would like to personally connect with me, it would be our pleasure to have you join both my introduction to creativity coaching training and our advanced creativity coaching training. These trainings are conducted exclusively by myself, with no delegation to assistants, ensuring your direct access to my guidance throughout. By participating in both trainings and the self-study program, you will undoubtedly maximize the benefits and enhance your overall experience. Rest assured, it is a win-win proposition.

A: Comparing our trainings and the new program is similar to choosing a favorite child . However, if I had to make a recommendation, I would lean towards the new program. Obtaining a Noble Manhattan certificate or diploma holds immense value and is highly beneficial for your professional development. It is an accomplishment worth pursuing.

A: If you have already completed our trainings, I still strongly believe that enrolling in the new program is worthwhile. It offers distinct value, providing you with a world-class certificate or diploma, along with access to all the resources Noble Manhattan has to offer. By participating, you will further expand your knowledge, personal growth, and enhance your positioning within the marketplace. Therefore, I highly encourage you to undertake the new program.

A: Absolutely! For further information regarding discounts for individuals who have previously completed our trainings, kindly reach out to Vali Cojocaru at They will provide you with the necessary details.

A: No worries! We offer a full refund for up to seven days after your purchase. This timeframe allows you ample opportunity to determine if the program aligns perfectly with your goals and expectations. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Will This Qualify You As an International Accredited Coach?

At Noble Manhattan Coaching we recognise that anyone can call themselves a coach. This programme is designed as additional training for those who are already coaches, or those who plan to coach informally or to self-coach.

It is accredited by the – International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring (IAPC&M) but, on its own, it is not deemed sufficient to achieve personal accreditation as a coach by one of the independent coaching organisations, such as the IAPC&M, ICF, AoC, EMCC etc.

Both of our programs with Dr. Eric Maisel, our Creativity Coach Certificate Program and our Existential Wellness Coach Certificate Program, provide certification upon completion of training.

Certification is a significant milestone, valuable credential, and a marker of real accomplishment. We are proud to share that we are authorized as an official training center by the – IAPC&M ( International Authority for Professional Coaching And Mentoring ) are authorized to issue international certificates.

We see certification as a step toward independent coaching practice, where certified coaches increase their ability to coach independently by acquiring additional core competencies and by perhaps furthering their professional careers by garnering accreditation through organizations like the ICF (International Coach Federation), the IAPC&M (International Association for Professional Coaches and Mentors), or some similar organization that accredits practitioner coaches, senior coaches, and master coaches.

Certification is a real milestone and a valuable credential, and we believe it is a significant step on the career path of professional, independent coaching.


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